The Data Agency starts a new consulting service with Edwin Kooge

30 Mar 2023

All the knowledge and experience of the seven companies and 140 talented employees belonging to The Data Agency are gathered in this new activity.

Nieuwegein, 30 March 2023 – The collaboration between Edwin Kooge and The Data Agency has officially started. The combined expertise regarding data and consulting helps customers in achieving a substantially higher return on their customer data. We translate commercial challenges into opportunities and initiatives in a pragmatic and fact-based way. 

Most companies have made serious investments in the data-driven customer journey. But it often shows that the return of these investments is only visible to a limited extent. Creating a higher return on the customer journey and having the right data available at the right moment, that’s the big challenge!

To improve this, a new approach has now been developed and enables organizations to define concrete initiatives within four to six weeks and initiate their implementation. The first results are often quickly visible and measurable. The commercial challenges are generally a known fact; higher customer satisfaction, more customers, lower acquisition costs, the reduction of outflow or, for example, the increase of revenue per customer per year. With our data-driven analysis we can indicate what the current situation is and where the potential for improvement lies. Subsequently, we advise on which initiatives to implement to actually realize this potential for improvement.

“Within The Data Agency we have unlimited access to MarTech platforms, segmentation data and analytical expertise, which allows us to quickly establish ‘proof of concept’ with a measurable result. This pragmatic approach sets us apart from the other agencies,” states Edwin Kooge.

Edwin has over 30 years of experience in using data for commercial applications, at GeoMarktprofiel, BPK, VODW Marketing (now called EY) and as co-founder of successful organizations such as MIcompany and Bayz. Furthermore, together with Peter Verhoef, Natasha Walk and Jaap Wieringa he is the author of the book ‘Creating Value with Data Analytics in Marketing’.


“We believe that every company is a data company. Organizations use data more effectively when targets and activities are elaborated in a data strategy. Management teams and boards must translate their visions into a clear strategy and turn data into a standing agenda item. Ultimately, we aim to let our clients take better decisions through effective use of data and technology,” states Frank de Beun, CEO of The Data Agency.

Franks has over 20 years of experience in the management sphere of data and technology firms and knows the challenges of organizations in search of growth, digital transformation, marketing automation and customer experience improvement.   


The Data Agency helps organizations within the transformation towards a data-driven organization by developing and implementing a data strategy. The Data Agency consists of experienced specialists who know the playing field and the power of data. Moreover, The Data Agency works together with renowned partners across various levels.

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Every company a data company