07 Jul 2020

Nieuwegein, 7 July 2020 - EDM, GeoMarktprofiel, Human Inference and LynqID, brands specialised in technology, data and analytics, unite in a new group called The Data Agency. Due to the increasing complexity of the world of data, the group wants to empower the brands to focus on their core business and the corresponding customer demand. The Data Agency facilitates knowledge sharing and handles part of the operational management. The brands are autonomous and collaborate when possible.

The Data Agency, with NewPort Capital as the majority shareholder, is ambitious and wants to be at the forefront of data innovation. “We want to give our clients a head start and that is why we are open to new technologies and developments. In a mature data market it is more fitting if we work from and within certain specialisations”, explains Frank de Beun, CEO of The Data Agency. “For our brands this means that they must be given the space to grow within their specialisation. That is what we are offering. In addition we make it easier for new brands, while retaining their independence, to join and accelerate their growth with the help of the group and the other brands.”

Four brands, four specialties
Technology, data and analytics are the connecting factors between all brands of The Data Agency. But every brands has its own specialism. EDM specialises in the creation of the most updated and correct customer database, compiling and using audiences for online and offline customer acquisition and solid prospect data management. GeoMarktprofiel helps organisations to create a complete and up-to-date view of customers and markets through reliable national segmentation data and analyses, so that they can make better data-driven decisions. Human Inference's software solutions play a crucial role in compliance and Know Your Customer processes of organisations and government agencies; they monitor customer data and create a Single Customer View. LynqID merges expertise, technology and information from a nationwide database into one 360 degree customer view. They assist organisations that want to communicate cross-channel with individual customers.

Every company a data company