Fastest growing data science company in the Netherlands: The Data Agency

28 Oct 2021

Nieuwegein, Utrecht, October 28 2021 The Data Agency has emerged as the winner of the top fifty fastest risers within the SME data science industry. In 2019 the company was in the top 50, last year in the top three and now number one. The Data Agency is specialized in technology, data and analytics.

Ronald Langendoen, board member: "It is a huge appreciation that our method of combining data, technology and analytics ensures sustainable growth." The Data Agency, with NewPort Capital as majority shareholder, is ambitious and wants to be at the forefront of data innovation. "Our motto is Every company a data company."

Outgrown the SME
Langendoen has international ambitions and continues: "Then it may just be that next year we will have outgrown the SME and there will be no place for us in this list." The Data Agency enables its clients to get value out of data in a responsible way and to give substance to their data strategy.

Fastest riser of 2021 within the MKB Data Science event
The ranking of SME companies was created by Florijnz Corporate Finance based on criteria such as growth in total assets and number of employees. The winner of the Data Science Award was chosen by a professional jury and public votes. The professional jury looked at presentation, impact, innovativeness and scalability. The public based its vote mainly on the pitch of Annemarie van Benthem. Van Benthem, manager of analytics & development: "We see three developments; there is more and more data, the technology is developing faster and faster and what you do with data must be explainable - the human aspect must always be taken into consideration. All of our 120 employees are experiencing these developments in their own way. And because we complement each other, we learn a lot from each other, develop new ideas and remain creative. Which we  use to support and advise our customers."

Every company a data company