Invenna and Human Inference merge and create unique data platform technology

16 Jan 2023
Team The Data Agency

NIEUWEGEIN – The Data Agency announces the merger of platform company Invenna and software organization Human Inference. In doing so, the group strengthens its technology division and becomes the first in the Benelux to offer a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Master Data Management (MDM) technology.

Under the flag of The Data Agency, Invenna provides a combination of Customer Data Platform technology and consultancy. The platform technology focuses on accessing, merging, applying and monitoring customer data, for customers in the financial sector, media, retail, charities and automotive. Human Inference is part of The Data Agency since 2019 and has been offering software solutions for data quality and Master Data Management technology for over 35 years. These are based on natural language processing, fuzzy logic techniques and a matching engine that recognizes patterns. They ensure that databases are verified, corrected and managed in a smart way by organizations like the Tax and Customs Administration, Police and the Central Credit Registration Office.

By merging the two brands, one unique business solution is created for organizations to continuously recognize customers, data and persons, and instantly apply this information. For example in risk assessments, but also in marketing campaigns and analyses. Because data are managed, safeguarded and used in one central place, organizations stay compliant and communicate more relevantly. This makes Invenna the only data platform company in the Benelux that offers a CDP with MDM technology for Know Your Customer, marketing and IT, among others. Pieter Hallewas, managing director of Invenna and Human Inference: “Recent research by Garter underlines the trend that CDP and MDM technologies are growing closer together and are preferably part of one platform. We also notice that companies increasingly have complex data streams, which poses the need for a strong MDM solution that intertwines with their CDP. Until now, such an integrated solution wasn’t available. By means of the merger and integrations, we offer new possibilities for organizations: from simplifying their IT landscape and the improvement of the services to the minimization of business risks and more relevant customer communication.

For The Data Agency, the merger marks a beautiful development. Frank de Beun, CEO at The Data Agency, explains: “The unification of the knowledge and power of Human Inference with the proven platform technology of Invenna, is a huge step for us. One of a remarkable kind and a means to strengthen and expand our leading position in the worlds of CDP and MDM. We’re sure that this allows us to help our customers even better in facing their data challenges.

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