12 Feb 2019
Nieuwegein, 12 February 2019 - EDM Media Group, the leading data solutions company in the Benelux, announces the acquisition of Quadient Data Netherlands/Germany (formerly known as Human Inference), whose Data Quality Software Solutions are widely used by organizations in the Benelux, Germany and the U.K.
“We are proud to add the Data Quality Software knowledge and expertise of Human Inference to our team. It’s a great extension of our Data Quality proposition,” says EDM Media Group CEO Ronald Langendoen.
The acquisition is a natural consequence of an increasing understanding among consumer data driven companies that Data Quality Management plays a vital role in compliant & accurate customer interaction and risk & fraud management. For example, the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has made Data Quality Management a board-level topic. As the European customer data identification and deduplication specialist, Human Inference is a perfect match with EDM Media.
“Human Inference is a strong brand name when it comes to Data Quality Software; EDM understands our strength in this specific sector. Working closely with the EDM Team will enable us to grow our presence in this market even further,“ says Evert Wernsen, Managing Director of Quadient Data Netherlands.
“The acquisition of Human Inference fits well in our ambition to transform EDM Media Group from a data solutions company into a Data Technology Solutions company,“ says Frank de Beun, Managing Directorof EDM Media Group.
The newly joined Data Quality expert will be operating under the name of Human Inference and will be based in Arnhem and Nieuwegein. Human Inference will be headed by Evert Wernsenas its Managing Director.

About EDM Media Group

EDM provides a solid data foundation to support a data driven strategy with Audiences, Insights and Data Quality. EDM is the leading provider of data solutions in the Benelux, servicing the top 500 organizations with over 85 FTE EDM is headquartered in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, and also has an operation in Belgium. For more information, visit www.edm.nl

About Human Inference

Data Quality is a key differentiator for business success: high quality data is one of the main indicators for the level of engagement organizations are able to establish with their customers. That is why many organizations are investing in data quality solutions that will help them benefit from one of their most valuable assets: their customer data. Human Inference is the leading provider of data quality management software in Europe, servicing companies in the Benelux, Germany and the U.K. with 35 FTE, Human Inference is headquartered in Arnhem, Netherlands, and has an operation in Germany. For more information, visit www.humaninference.com 
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