Digitalization of markets and the individualisation of consumer behaviour increase the need for marketing automation. Effective use of customer data is key to structurally adapt to changing customer expectations in a digitalized and individualized market. That’s why our motto states: Every company a data company!

We focus primarily on marketing organizations in the consumer market and cooperate with independent experts. The relationship with customers prevails short term results. Our objective is to structurally improve data use with strategic advice and operational support. Our data maturity model defines current data maturity. Based on this starting point and in the context of the objectives of your organization we develop strategies and achieve operational results.

Organizational objectives and priorities related to the collection, storage, control, management, sharing and use of data are at the hart of what we do. Results are structurally improved when the data landscape, data technology, analytical techniques, capabilities, compliance and governance are balanced effectively.  A data strategy assures this balance and sets priorities.

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