50% Higher returns

Invested in marketing technology but results remain behind on expectations?  A data strategy increases the returns on investments considerably by improving the availability, exchange and use of relevant marketing data!  Based on your organisation’s needs we, together with you and other stakeholders, develop a data strategy or focus on specific elements to clarity the full potential of data for your organisation. 

Data Strategy

A data strategy explains how your organization realizes its objectives through effective data usage. You receive well-founded advice and prioritized activities with regard to the availability and usability of data sources, the quality of customer data, insights from data analysis and the use of data in marketing programs. The output can be used to prioritize marketing plans and can be translated into an operational plan of action. The data maturity model developed by The Data Agency forms the structural basis for an optimal balance between objectives and activities.

The inspiration workshop, the maturity audit and data landscape scan are part of the data strategy. In addition to the strategic advice, you will receive a visualization of the data landscape, a profiling of your customers and website visitors and a report of the data quality.

Inspirational workshops

Workshop to collect ideas, ambitions and bottlenecks related to data application from involved stakeholders. The output of this workshop provides insights of the current situation with our advised next steps and serves as starting point for structural improvement.

 The workshop is ideal for sharing ideas, creating organisational support and exploring improvement potential and ambitions. 

Data landscape quick scan

The data scan quick scan offers insight into which relevant data sources are available, how these can be deployed, which skills are required, which technology and infrastructure is needed and clarifies the coherence of these elements. You receive a visualization of the data landscape, an explanation of the relevant elements and an analysis of bottlenecks and possibilities. This scan answers the question whether data is available and can be used, it sets goal and clarifies data technology, ICT and organizational dependencies that should be taken into account.

The data landscape quick scan output is very useful as a pre-project to develop business cases and validate business assumptions in new marketing investment plans.

Data maturity audit

The data maturity audit provides insight into the maturity of the organization on 5 elements of data usage and the relationship between these elements. It clarifies the relationships between the primary elements of data usage with regard to the ambition and described objectives. The audit makes clear which data is available and usable to achieve set goals and which elements of data technology and data regulation must be taken into account.