Marketing programs

20% response improvement

Do customer insights and data determine the content and timing of the marketing activities or is the marketer the dominant factor? The transition from marketing push ad hoc campaigns to customer centric always on programs is a process in which we support organizations.
We coordinate the transformation activities, together with you and your team, and align them with the ideas and ambitions of the organization. After exploring current activities and determining the optimal customer experience (s), we prioritize marketing programs to be developed and accelerate the operational results to ensure structural improvement.

Acquisition improvement

25% more sales

How do you realize a significant increase in your sales? By improving your reach and response for a large number of customer journeys. The Data Agency enables your organization to realize more sales with the same media budget by translating data into insights and identifying contact points that enable you to effectively influence customer behaviour.

We map what your organization needs to do to determine, based on customer insights, the right target groups and customer journey's and help you optimize your media expenses.

Data quality improvement

100% Verified customer data!

The completeness, availability and reliability of customer data forms the basis for effective data use. In order to analyse customer needs and customer behaviour and to achieve effective reach, it is important that relevant data is complete, accessible and reliable.

We help you and your organization determine the data requirement, define data quality, develop a calculation model that determines the value of data and deliver solutions that ensure completeness, availability and reliability.

Customer Loyalty

25% lower customer retention costs!

Which customer is loyal, who do I retain proactive or reactive and which customers do I let go? To build a profitable and loyal customer base deep insights and understanding customer behaviour are essential. We help you develop customer profiles, distinguish different loyalty types, determine target groups and define the right action per customer.

Together with internal stakeholders we develop a loyalty strategy including a growth path for the organization with the aim of structurally higher customer value.

Reach optimization

From persona to person!

By using internal and external data sources in the offline and online domain, we transform marketing push communication into personal 1: 1 customer centric customer contact. This results in substantial structural efficiency improvement deriving from an improvement of response rates and a reduction of media expenditure.